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D. M. Pickles
10-05-1992, 02:29 AM
J.B. FINLAY wrote:
> Subject: Tesing and fixation of bones
> I hope these additional comments are of value and I would encourage
> other BIOMCH-L members to post their comments for general viewing -
> obviously, I was in error by not displaying my original comments to
> Moshe.

I quite agree! I joined the list under the impression that it was
primarily an electronic discussion forum. However, the vast majority
of postings appear to be 'one-offs' with no follow up - presumably
because like Dr Finlay, most responders send their replies direct
to the originator, rather than to the BIOMCH-L list. It seems to me
that much more interest and lively discussion would be generated if
people would send their comments etc direct to the list?

What do others think?

Would it be feasible (and if so, desirable?) to have the list set
up such that replies to postings were directed by default to the
list rather than to the originator of the posting?

-- David Pickles