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Michael Whittle
02-18-2000, 02:59 AM
This posting has been put on three "lists", so I apologize if you
receive it more than once. Apologies, also, for being so slow in
getting this summary out!

22 clinical gait labs in the USA replied to my query about workload,
staffing and reimbursement.

Unfortunately, my questions were not as precise as they should have
been! In particular, it was impossible to distinguish between
technicians and professional engineers, or between administrators,
clerical staff and "others", so these results should be regarded as VERY

The following are the median values and ranges for the various measures:
Number of patients seen per month: 11 (2 - 50)
Physician hours per month: 10 (0 - 150)
Physical therapist hours per month: 70 (0 - 750)
Engineer & technician hours per month: 120 (0 - 480)
Others (clerical, etc.) hours per month: 25 (0 - 640)
Reimbursement per patient (quoted in dollars): $800 ($0 - $1700)
Reimbursement per patient (quoted as percent): 50% (40% - 80%)
(It should be noted that Shriners' hospitals and the Veterans'
Administration do not charge for gait analysis.)

I have put a copy of the raw spreadsheet data (without naming the
labs) on the web at:

Many thanks to all the labs who responded!

Mike Whittle
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