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Louis B. Rosenfeld
02-18-2000, 03:01 PM
I have a data correction problem and am seeking recommendations.

I am currently analyzing gait data taken from foot orthotic wearers over
a one-month period. The purpose is to determine effects of adaptation.
Data was collected immediately following commencement of orthotic use,
one week and then three weeks later following full time wear.

A method of repeatably setting STJN and foot/tibial relationship neutral
position was devised from guidelines set forth in the ISB
standardization proposal. Data from a pilot on the method showed a
range of 5 degrees for both calcaneal (in/eversion) and tibial
(in/external rotation) in individual neutral trials. SD of each was
approximately 2.2 and means were approximately 1.5 degrees.

If data from the neutral repeatability study is not factored into the
adaptation study data, there are significant (p