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H.j. Woltring, Fax/tel +31.40.413 744
10-05-1992, 06:22 AM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

In reply to Mr Pickles' posting today:

> Date: Mon, 5 Oct 92 16:29:07 GMT
> From: "D. M. Pickles"
> Subject: BIOMCH-L - Discussion Forum?
> Sender: Biomechanics & Movement Science listserver
> J.B. FINLAY wrote:
>> Subject: Tesing and fixation of bones
>> I hope these additional comments are of value and I would encourage
>> other BIOMCH-L members to post their comments for general viewing -
>> obviously, I was in error by not displaying my original comments to
>> Moshe.
> I quite agree! I joined the list under the impression that it was
> primarily an electronic discussion forum. However, the vast majority
> of postings appear to be 'one-offs' with no follow up - presumably
> because like Dr Finlay, most responders send their replies direct
> to the originator, rather than to the BIOMCH-L list. It seems to me
> that much more interest and lively discussion would be generated if
> people would send their comments etc direct to the list?
> What do others think?
> Would it be feasible (and if so, desirable?) to have the list set
> up such that replies to postings were directed by default to the
> list rather than to the originator of the posting?
> -- David Pickles

The issue of setting the Reply_to= field in the Biomch-L profile to the origi-
nal poster or to Biomch-L has been considered in depth at various occasions in
the past. Under the present profile, sending to the list is always possible,
but replying posters should then take the additional effort of having to type
in the list's address rather than simply issueing a REPLY command.

Our reasons for *not* implemeting the Reply_to=Biomch-L option is to have a
minimal assurance that posters don't reply too easily, and from a privacy
point of view. Sitting behind one's terminal with little "real-time" social
control (a frown, a kick under the table, etc.) makes it too easy to reply
straight away -- believe me, I've learned this -- and am still learning this
-- the hard way!

Besides, if the Reply_to profile would be defaulted to the list, there is
always the real chance that a poster inadvertedly goes public on a private
matter which is worse than the other way around.

Standard list etiquette is that posters posing a query collect relevant
private replies and post summaries of them for the benefit of the readership;
alternatively, the moderators will be happy to store lengthy items on the
Biomch-L fileservers, and to post an announcement to this effect. Quite
often, if I see an interesting posting, I'll write to the poster with the
request to post summaries after a suitable delay; usually, this request
has been honoured.

It is our believe that this approach strikes a balance between open feedback
and emailbox saturation. Of course, if the majority on the list would like
to see a different set-up, the moderators will seriously consider proposals
to that effect.

Feel free to either post or privately send comments; however, if you just
want to say yes or no, do *not* post this as it would merely result in a
large barrage of email notes to all (albout 640) subscribers.

Regards -- hjw.