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Tomislav Pribanic
02-23-2000, 01:40 AM
Dear All,

We are post graduate students in Biomechanics. Our target group for
analysis are skiers. We would like to do our work performing EMG analysis
and 3D reconstruction analysis on the ski-simulator. Looking after such a
device on the Internet brought up variety of it.
Any peace of advice, particularly from people who might have done similar
work, where to look for the most realistic (the best) one, on what issues to
pay most attention during the analysis itself, is there possibility to
borrow ski-simulator for a certain period of time (with all accompanying
obligations that may follow after the research is done) instead of buying it
right away etc. Looking forward to post summary of replies.

Many thanks in advance, Tomislav.

Tomislav Pribanic
Department for Electronic Systems and Information Processing
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing
3 Unska, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
E-mail : tomislav.pribanic@zesoi.fer.hr

Mario Kasovic-Vidas
Faculty of Physical Education
University of Zagreb
Horvacanski zavoj 15, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
E-mail: mkasovic@ffk.hr

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