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Paul Treffner
03-01-2000, 04:17 PM
Query on Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) systems:

We have a project to investigate the biomechanics and dynamics
of automobile driving around a driving track. We need measures of
vehicle position. We think we could use GPS to obtain an *accurate*
measure of position over time (using data-logging). As off-the-shelf
GPS (e.g., for hiking) is of no use (accuracy approx. 30 m), we will
need to buy a Differential GPS (DGPS) system that can provide
sub-meter accuracy at rates in excess of 1 Hz (more like 5Hz). But
they are pricey.

Has anyone out there dealt with this problem? If so, I would be
grateful to receive any information on suppliers, technical
specifications, and of course, prices. I shall summarize for
Biomech-L the replies. Note, GPS and related technology is likely to
be the "wave of the future" with regard to obtaining in-the-field
kinematic measures of the control and coordination of everything from
geese to footballers to space planes - probably in the not too
distant future...

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