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Rene Steiner 5314
10-05-1992, 09:20 PM
Dear fellow BIOMCH-L subscribers,

I just finished my M.S.'s thesis on extensions to the human body model
by Prof. Hatze. We use it for motion simulation purposes (forward dynamics)
allowing for contact with the ground.

Since there are quite a few problems left, I would like to contact other
researchers who are using this or a similar model in order to share
experiences. Maybe some of you are even using the programs HOMSIM and ANSEPA
by Hatze, which served as a valuable starting point for our extensions.

As far as I know, this model is not very widespread in the community of
biomechanics. Therefore, it would be very interesting for me to learn your
personal views about the pros and cons of its usage.

I am looking forward to your comments and hints.

Rene Steiner

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