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Richard E. Hughes
03-03-2000, 04:36 AM
I need to measure oxygenation of the mouse tail non-invasively. I am
trying to find a company that sells a pulseoximiter with a sensor that
would be suitable for a mouse tail. I have done Web searches, MedLine
searches, and checked numberous materials and methods sections from papers
on mouse tail ischemia. I have found a company, Nonin, that makes
pulseoximiters for animals, but their probes are too large for mice. I
have also found recent papers in the Biophysical Journal that describe
advanced imaging techniques, but they seem to be overkill for my purposes.

I would be most greatful for any leads on who to contact for a
pulseoximiter that would be suitable for a mouse tail. If you have
information, please direct it to me at rehughes@umich.edu. I will post a
summary of responses.

Thank you.

Richard E. Hughes, Ph.D.
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