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03-03-2000, 09:43 PM
As common in many places, at my institution we are under pressure because
our productivity, in terms of number published papers per year, is
considered not sufficient. The quality issue has been addressed in our
scoring system, derived from the ISI disciplines groups and based on their
Impact Factor. But the quantity is currently debated.

I would appreciate if any colleague could pass me factual information on
the rate of publishing of average bioengineers, biologists, clinicians,
etc. in the world, in their country, in their department. Obviously I am
trying to demonstrate that it is not true that the rest of the world is
publishing twice than us. Any information on the scoring system (if any)
in use at your institution could be also of interest.

Additionally, and this is the reason of the WDYT label, I would like to
hear opinions on the more general question posed in the subject.

At least in biomechanics, in my humble opinion a scientist can publish in
average two papers per year of the best quality. Above two the quality is
progressively compromised in favour of the quantity.

Do you agree with this statement?

Similar questions can be posed with reference to the carrier. How many
papers should publish a master student? A PhD student? A three-years
post-doc? Etc.

And last, but least, does it make sense to count papers or impact factors?
And before you simply answer no, what alternative scoring system you have
in mind?

thanks in advance for any reply.


Ps: to save you time, before you go checking how many papers I published
last year, yes, I published more than two papers :-)

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