View Full Version : Free program for GaitEliclinic users

Gabor Barton
03-05-2000, 11:25 PM
For the attention of GaitEliclinic (BTS) users.
(Sorry for the cross-posting between CGA and Biomch-l.)

I have uploaded a free program to our website (with approval from BTS),
which measures the height of the heel and 5th metatarsal markers in a
standing trial.

Have a look at http://www.gaitlab.demon.co.uk


Dr Gabor Barton MD email: G.Barton@gaitlab.demon.co.uk
Clinical Scientist
Gait Analysis Laboratory
Alder Hey Children's Hospital tel: +44 (0)151 252 5949
Eaton Road, Liverpool fax1: +44 (0)870 052 1935
L12 2AP, UK fax2: +44 (0)151 252 5846

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