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Edmund Cramp
03-06-2000, 12:55 AM
C3D User Group Meeting

There will be a C3D User Group Meeting at the 5th Annual Gait and Clinical
Movement Analysis Meeting in Rochester, Minnesota. The User Group meeting
will be held in the Windsor III room at the Kahler Hotel on Thursday evening
at April 13, 2000 at 6:30 pm.

The meeting is open to anyone attending the GCMAS meeting and will be of
particular interest to anyone using the C3D file format for the storage and
analysis of Biomechanics data. The meeting format is planned to be informal
with refreshments available for attendees. We plan to start the meeting with
brief (5-10 minute) presentations described below and quickly move to a
discussion open to everyone.

Opening discussion topics
Meeting introduction - www.c3d.org - describing a standard.
Mr. Edmund Cramp., President, Motion Lab Systems, Inc.

The C3D file format - its history and evolution.
Dr. Andrew Danis, Ph.D., Adtech.

Using the C3D format to exchange data around the world.
Dr. Chris Kirtley, M.D., Ph.D. Catholic University of America

Extending the C3D file format - some ideas.
Dr. Steven Stanhope, Ph.D., NIH

The meeting is planned as an open discussion of the opportunities related to
the C3D file format in the hope that an open, non-commercial discussion will
benefit the gait and clinical movement analysis community.

The meeting is sponsored by Motion Lab Systems, Inc. who are providing the
room and refreshments. If you are planning to attend we would appreciate it
if you could let us know so that we don't run out of food and drinks.

Edmund Cramp

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