View Full Version : Prediction of vertical impact force

Kal Olavi Valjakka
03-07-2000, 10:20 PM

I am performing a meta-analysis on the prediction of vertical impact
force during running. More specifically, predicting the first (Fz1)
and second (Fz2) maximum vertical force using regression on various
kinematic parameters to predict VGRF. As a result of the
complexity of this topic, locating published work has been very
difficult. If anyone has data (published or not), references,
sources, input, or contact(s), it would be much appreciated.
To this point I have located these studies:

1) Running impact force modeling. 1994. Stergiou N, Bates B.T
2) The evaluation and prediction of impact forces during landings.
1990. Dufek J, Bates, B
3) The prediction of vertical impact force during running. 1981.
Frederick E.C, Hagy J, Mann R
4) Prediction of human gait parameters from temporal measures of
foot-g round contact. Breit G, Whalen, R
5) Interactive effects between group and single-suject response
patterns. Dufect J, Bates B, Stergiou N, James R

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