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Robert Playter
03-14-2000, 09:53 AM
Biomechanics Simulation Engineer:

Boston Dynamics (BDI) is seeking a simulation engineer who can apply
computer simulation to the motion of humans and robots. The ideal
candidate will have an advanced engineering degree and significant
experience simulating complex human and robot behavior. Our focus is on
combining physics-based simulation, control systems, and 3D visualization.
Applications include virtual prototyping and simulation-based acquisition.

Skills should include familiarity with principles of dynamic simulation,
control, servomechanism tuning, and biomechanics. The candidate must have
good computer skills. The successful candidate will work with our team of
first-class C++ and 3D graphics programmers to create controlled
simulations of complex 3D human and robot motion. Also needed are a
passion for work and a good sense of humor.

About Boston Dynamics

Based in Cambridge MA, Boston Dynamics is a leading provider of real-time
characters and biomechanical simulations. Its flagship products, PeopleShop
and DI-Guy, allow users to create and visualize real-time scenarios populated
with lifelike human characters and vehicles. Characters move realistically,
respond to simple high-level commands, and travel about the environment as

Boston Dynamics was formed in 1992 as a spin-off from the MIT Artificial
Intelligence Laboratory, where the founders developed advanced robotic
The robotics work done at MIT was adapted at Boston Dynamics to create
creatures. The company has an extraordinary technical team, with engineers
scientists holding advanced degrees from Brown, CMU, MIT, and other leading
institutions. Boston Dynamics has decades of combined experience developing
and delivering virtual simulation products and solutions to customers

Robert Playter, PhD Email: playter@bdi.com
Vice President of Engineering Phone: 617-868-5600 ext 23
Boston Dynamics Inc (BDI) Fax: 617-868-5907
614 Massachusetts Avenue http://www.bdi.com/
Cambridge MA 02139

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