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Dr. John H. Lawrence Iii
03-16-2000, 02:08 AM

Applications are invited by the Experimental and Computational
Neuroscience Laboratory (ECNL), at the Center for Biomedical
Engineering, The University of Kentucky for a postdoctoral position to
investigate neural mechanisms for coordination and control of movement.
Applicants should have experience and research interests in areas
relevant to Neuromotor Control and/or Spinal Cord Injury. Active
projects in the ECNL utilize both experimental and
computational/engineering approaches for neuroscience research. The
environment provides a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with faculty

in the Center for Biomedical Engineering and in the newly established
Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Research Center. Dr. Ranu Jung, director of

ECNL, has appointments in the Center for Biomedical Engineering,
Department of Physiology and Department of Electrical Engineering.
Experimental techniques to be utilized could include one or more of the
following: electrophysiology in the central nervous system, spinal and
peripheral nerve recording/stimulation and fine wire (indwelling)
electromyography. Prior experience in working with rodent/lamprey
models, and/or electrophysiology of the central nervous system in
vertebrates (chronic/in vivo/in vitro) will be an advantage.

Email copy of CV (with references) will be accepted.

Ranu Jung, Ph.D.
Center for Biomedical Engineering
21 Wenner-Gren Research Lab.
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40506-0070
Email: jung@pop.uky.edu
Tel: 606-257-5931
Fax: 606-257-1856


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