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Jon Dingwell
03-19-2000, 04:29 AM
At 08:46 AM 3/17/00 -0700, Mill, Perry wrote:
>What about vibrational kinetic energy?
>Perry Mill
>Physical Therapist
>Red Deer, Alberta

Dear Perry:

I am not aware of any specific distinction in the engineering field between
"vibrational kinetic energy" and other types of kinetic energy. In its
most general definition, kinetic energy is the energy associated with the
movement of masses. As such, masses can either translate or rotate, or
both. Hence, we consider translational and rotational forms of kinetic
energy. Any mass which is vibrating will also be translating, rotating, or
both during each cycle of vibration. Thus the kinetic energy of that mass
at each instant in time will still be equal to the sum of its translational
and rotational kinetic energy at that instant in time.

Jon Dingwell

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