View Full Version : Immediate Job Opening in R&D

Hong, James (sc)
03-20-2000, 12:36 PM
> Guidant VI, a leader in the field of developing vascular intervention
> devices, is looking for candidates with a strong fundamental background in
> mechanical engineering, particularly solid mechanics. The successful
> candidate will support the development and application of FE modeling &
> analysis and bench top testing for the design of intravascular stents.
> The candidate should have a solid understanding of the use and application
> of FEA and the design and development of test equipment. Candiates with a
> M.Sc. in mechanical engineering and 1-2years of applied experience will be
> given preferred consideration.
> Interested candidates please contact and forward resume to:
> James Hong
> R&D Engineering Guidant VI
> 408-845-1435
> jhong@guidant.com

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