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03-20-2000, 11:23 PM
Dear all, some time ago I requested suggestions and information
regarding the validity and reliability of 3-D optical equipments
(more precisely the VICON) for assessing lumbar spine motion.
The following is a list of the responses I received and some
information I managed to track down. Thanks to the many kind
respondents, it was much appreciated.

Kika Konstantinou

Vogt L., Banzer W. Measurement of lumbar spine kinematics in
incline treadmill walking. Gait Posture 9:18-23, 1999

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Web site: http://www.rs.polyu.edu.hk/gaitlab/fyp98/
Web site: http:www.polyu.edu.hk/cga/teach-in/cv/#Refs

I was also advised to check the work of Malcolm Pope (UK,
Aberdeen), Vijay Goel PhD (at the University of Iowa) and
others that have used optical devices for measurements on
I was also given the opportunity to communicate with people
that have used the Vicon or similar 3-D devices for lumbar spine
measurements and I am grateful to them for the information they
gave me.

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