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Adrian Roberts
03-23-2000, 11:03 PM
Some types of ankle fracture, pylon, talar neck, calcaneal are
difficult to treat and can have long term disabling consequences,
requiring protracted treatment and a ‘reduced quality of life’.
Other types of ankle fracture, malleolar, are more frequent and
easier to repair. The advice I have been given is that ‘outcome’ is
likely to be good. My question is – Is this true? Malleolar
fractures and much more common that the other three previously
mentioned. If only 10% of them resulted in longer term, non
surgical treatment then the ‘disabling costs’ would be significant.

Is there any published literature looking at disablement from
different types of ankle fracture? Does anyone have experience
in treating patients with long term ankle injuries and if so are there
related to malleolar fractures as well as pylon, talar neck,

Many Thanks
Adrian Roberts
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