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Rodger Kram
03-24-2000, 02:21 AM
Here is the weekly Literature Update for keywords BIOMECH* or LOCOMOT*.
Thanks to Paul Treffner for submitting the Pick of the Week.


Lee, Jen-shih.
1998 Distinguished lecture: Biomechanics of the microcirculation, an
integrative and therapeutic perspective.
Annals of Biomedical Engineering, v. 28, n. 1, (Jan., 2000.): 1-13.

Gray, Steven D.; Titze, Ingo R.; Alipour, Fariborz; Hammond, Thomas Hale.
Biomechanical and histologic observations of vocal fold fibrous proteins.
Annals of Otology Rhinology & Laryngology, v. 109, n. 1, (Jan.,
2000.): 77-85.


Miller, William L.; Sigvardt, Karen A.
Extent and role of multisegmental coupling in the lamprey spinal locomotor
pattern generator.
Journal of Neurophysiology (Bethesda), v. 83, n. 1, (Jan., 2000.):465-476.

Micera, S.; Sabatini, A. M.; Dario, P.
Adaptive fuzzy control of electrically stimulated muscles for arm
Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing, v. 37, n. 6, (Nov.,
1999.): 680-685.


Gorce, Philippe.
A cybernetical method for simulating the dynamic erect stance posture
control under perturbation.
Kybernetes, v. 28, n. 8-9, (1999.): 1042-1053.

Grasso, R.; Zago, M.; Lacquaniti, F.
Interactions between posture and locomotion: Motor patterns in humans
walking with bent posture versus erect posture.
Journal of Neurophysiology (Bethesda), v. 83, n. 1, (Jan., 2000.):

Yang, Tsui-Fen; Chan, Rai-Chi; Chuang, Tien-Yow; Liu, Tacho-Jen; Chiu,Jan-Wei.
Treatment of cerebral palsy with botulinum toxin: Evaluation with Gross
Motor Function Measure.
Journal of the Formosan Medical Association, v. 98, n. 12, (Dec.,
1999.): 832-836.

Albensi, Raymond J.; Nyland, John; Caborn, David N. M.
The relationship of body weight and clinical foot and ankle measurements
to the heel forces of forward and backward walking.
Journal of Athletic Training, v. 34, n. 4, (Oct.-Nov., 1999.): 328-333.

Deliagina, T. G.; Orlovsky, G. N.; Selverston, A. I.; Arshavsky, Y. I.
Neuronal mechanisms for the control of body orientation in Clione. II.
Modifications in the activity of postural control system.
Journal of Neurophysiology (Bethesda), v. 83, n. 1, (Jan., 2000.):


Reddy, G. Kesava; Stehno-Bittel, Lisa; Enwemeka, Chukuka S.
Matrix remodeling in healing rabbit Achilles tendon.
Wound Repair and Regeneration, v. 7, n. 6, (Nov.-Dec., 1999.): 518-527.

Shin, Daehwan; Athanasiou, Kyriacos.
Cytoindentation for obtaining cell biomechanical properties.
Journal of Orthopaedic Research, v. 17, n. 6, (Nov., 1999.): 880-890.

Schachar, Norman S.; Novak, Kelli; Hurtig, Mark; Muldrew, Ken; McPherson,
Roger; Wohl, Greg; Zernicke, Ronald F.; McGann, Locksley E.
Transplantation of cryopreserved osteochondral Dowel allografts for
repair of focal articular defects in an ovine model.
Journal of Orthopaedic Research, v. 17, n. 6, (Nov., 1999.): 909-920.

Dickson, Robert A.
Spinal deformity - adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: Nonoperative
Spine, v. 24, n. 24, (Dec. 15, 1999.): 2601-2606.

Machida, Masafumi.
Cause of idiopathic scoliosis.
Spine, v. 24, n. 24, (Dec. 15, 1999.): 2576-2583.

Sonoda, Masaki; Harwood, Frederick L.; Amiel, Michael E.; Moriya, Hideshige;
Temple, Michele; Chang, Douglas G.; Lottman, Lisa M.; Sah, Robert L.;
The effects of hyaluronan on tissue healing after meniscus injury and
repair in a rabbit model.
American Journal of Sports Medicine, v. 28, n. 1, (Jan.-Feb.,

Meffert, Rainer H.; Tis, John E.; Lounici, Smain; Rogers, Jonathan S.;
Inoue, Nozomu; Chao, Edmund Y.S.
Comparison of two systems for tibial external fixation in rabbits.
Laboratory Animal Science, v. 49, n. 6, (Dec., 1999.): 650-654.

Warden, S. J.; Bennell, K. L.; McMeeken, J. M.; Wark, J. D.
Acceleration of fresh fracture repair using the Sonic Accelerated
Fracture Healing System (SAFHS): A review.
Calcified Tissue International, v. 66, n. 2, (Feb., 2000.): 157-163.

Harner, Christopher D.; Vogrin, Tracy M.; Hoher, Jurgen; Ma, C. Benjamin;
Woo, Savio L.-Y.
Biomechanical analysis of a posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.
Deficiency of the posterolateral structures as a cause of graft failure.
American Journal of Sports Medicine, v. 28, n. 1, (Jan.-Feb., 2000.):

Harris, Richard I.; Wallace, Andrew L.; Harper, Gareth D.; Goldberg, Jerome
A.; Sonnabend, David H.; Walsh, William R.
Structural properties of the intact and the reconstructed
coracoclavicular ligament complex.
American Journal of Sports Medicine, v. 28, n. 1, (Jan.-Feb.,

Katsuragi, Ryosei; Yasuda, Kazunori; Tsujino, Jun; Keira, Motoharu;
The effect of nonphysiologically high initial tension on the mechanical
properties of in situ frozen anterior cruciate ligament in a canine model.
American Journal of Sports Medicine, v. 28, n. 1, (Jan.-Feb.,

Duchow, Jochen; Hess, Thomas; Kohn, Dieter.
Primary stability of press-fit-implanted osteochondral grafts. Influence
of graft size, repeated insertion, and harvesting technique.
American Journal of Sports Medicine, v. 28, n. 1, (Jan.-Feb.,

Kleinrensink, G. J.; Stoeckart, R.; Mulder, P. G. H.; Hoek, G. v. d.;
Broek, Th.; Vleeming, A.; Snijders, C. J.
Upper limb tension tests as tools in the diagnosis of nerve and plexus
lesions: Anatomical and biomechanical aspects.
Clinical Biomechanics, v. 15, n. 1, (Jan., 2000.): 9-14.

Fu, Freddie H.; Bennett, Craig H.; Ma, C. Benjamin; Menetrey, Jacques;
Lattermann, Christian.
Current trends in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. Part II.
Operative procedures and clinical correlations.
American Journal of Sports Medicine, v. 28, n. 1, (Jan.-Feb.,

Soler, Tomas; Calderon, Carmen.
The prevalence of spondylolysis in the Spanish elite athlete.
American Journal of Sports Medicine, v. 28, n. 1, (Jan.-Feb.,


Skilled forelimb reaching for pasta guided by
tactile input in the rat as measured by accuracy, spatial
adjustments, and force.
Mark Ballermann, Greg Tompkins & Ian Q. Whishaw.
Behavioural Brain Research, 2000, 109:1:49 - 57

But was it macaroni, vermicelli, penne, rotini or perhaps ratini?

Rodger Kram
UC Berkeley

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