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Hamid Bateni
03-27-2000, 02:04 AM
Dear colleagues:
Would you happen to know the answer to any of the following questions?

-What is the maximum amount of impact force that I can apply to a muscle
without creating any harm to the muscle?
-What is the maximum amount of impact force that is being applied to muscles
during any daily living activity? (Without any harm to the muscle)
-How about during sports? For instance, how fast the ball moves during a
volleyball game, so that when being stopped by forearm, the impact of force
on forearm muscles can be calculated.
-Do you know of any studies that they have applied impact force on skeletal
muscles without any harm to the muscle?

Please reply directly (hbateni@hotmail.com)


Hamid Bateni; MSc, CPO, PhD candidate
McGill University
Montreal, Qubec, Canada
cel: 514 830 9625

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