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Young-hoo Kwon, Ph.d.
03-27-2000, 07:38 AM
Dear colleagues:

Those of you who are interested in underwater motion analysis of swimmers
may want to take a look at the following 3 webpages:

Refraction error: nature of the refraction error & its effects
Double-plane method: a 3-d camera calibration method based on the 2-D
DLT algorithm
Localized DLT method: a modified 3-D DLT method which can reduce the
refraction error quite a bit

You can reach these pages by visiting the Kwon3D homepage (www.kwon3d.com)
and following the links. These pages are far from completion and more pages
will follow. I would appreciate any input from the readership.

Young-Hoo Kwon
- Young-Hoo Kwon, Ph.D.
- Biomechanics Lab, PL 202
- Ball State University
- (765) 285-5126
- ykwon@bsu.edu
- http://www.cs.bsu.edu/~ykwon/

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