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03-28-2000, 07:36 AM
I posted a previous message asking if anyone had successfully run
Matlab (5.2.1) on a G4.
Thanks to all those who responded.
The bottom lines is YES, Matlab does run on a G4.

In my specific case, turning off virtual memory solved most of my
problems, although my G4 with OS9 still seems to crash a lot more
than my old 8100. One other group had run Matlab on a G4, and most
had run them successfully on G3s. Mathworks also has a new patch to
5.2.1 (see their web site) but still does not support Matlab on a
Mac. There is another patch for openGL but I did not try this.
There is supposed a new OS coming out, but we will have to wait and

Thanks again for all the help, Trey


This link was very helpful:

From: "David R. Collins"

I just finished running a visual perception experiment using the student
edition of Matlab 5.0 on a mac G4 (works on an iMac as well). I built
the program using the Psychophysics Toolbox for Matlab on the mac (in
progress for PCs), freely available on the web, thanks to David Brainard
and Denis Pelli:

These authors include discussion of a number of bugs and limitations
with different versions of Matlab.

Matlab offers a great deal on Matlab Student Version 5.2 (including
simulink, for $99), but its not available for macs, and is quite
specific in defining student use.

From: "Gerald L. Gottlieb"
I am running matlab 5.2.1 on a G3 powerbook under OS9 without
problem. This is an update from the distribution disk that I had to
request from matlab. Are you running the latest release?

I know this is not a G4 but since I expect to upgrade someday and
will want to keep matlab on my mac, I would appreciate your letting
me know what you finally figure out.

From: Matthew Nurse
As a faithful Mac user myself I have also had to deal with Mathworks no
longer supporting Mac platforms. While I have no experience running on a G4
(I have a G3), I would only suggest to you that if you can wait for OSX, the
unix/linux version of Matlab should run on the new operating system.

In the meantime, you should look at what type of errors you are getting
(Type 2, 32, etc), as this will give you a clue as to the source of the
crash. Quite often the source of most crashes is a systems extension
conflict. Try resetting your extensions to either OS9 base, or start with
extensions off (by hold shift key during startup) and loading Matlab. If it
then runs without any significant problems, you will have to find which
extension(s) cause the error.

I hope this helps. If you do find a solution, could you please let me know
as my next Mac purchase will also be a G4. What release of Matlab are you
using (4.2, 5, 5.2)?

From: Irene S McClay
I just got the new G4 for home and it is a screaming machine. I also have
PC platforms at work, but haven't given up my office Mac which I hope to
upgrade to a G4 soon. OS10 is coming out soon and is supposed to be a
quantum leap above OS9.

We went through a similar dilemma -- we needed/wanted to process
video files on the Mac and do subsequent analysis using MATLAB. Our
solution was to purchase the UNIX version of MATLAB which now runs on
our SPARCstation and access it from the Mac using an X-windows
application (e.g., eXodus). Not the ideal solution, but it seems to

From: Robert Anderson
That's a surprise and a worry! I'm running MATLAB (v4.2c.1) on my
powerbook G3 without any problems so far. But the architecture of the
G4 is different, isn't it? Have you tried contacting Apple/Mathworks
directly? I would be interested in knowing how you get on.

I have just checked the Mathworks website and you will be pleased to
know that they have begun to support the Mac again (sort of).


From: Bill Dean
The short answer to your question is "yes". We are currently running
Matlab 5.0 on a Power Mac G4 (OS 9). I don't know what more I can say that
might be useful to you, the computer is pretty much "straight out of the
box" but if I can answer and questions about it for yo uI would be happy to.

From: Emmanuel CORDIER
We also run Matlab 5 on G3 computers. The problem may come from OS 9, not from
the G4.
Try to deactivate the virtual memory.

From: steve robinovitch
I'm in a similar situation as you - we use MATLAB alot, and are
mostly a Mac-based lab (although we don't have G4's). I'm afraid we'll have
to move more to PC's.

This seems to be a situation where academia is inadvertently losing
customers for Apple. Students are trained to program in MATLAB, so labs
adopt that software platform, and are now forced to move to PC's!
It seems that Apple lobbyists weren't doing their job when it came to the
Mathworks. Please let me know if you what you find out.

FROM: Chris Stathatos
My name is Chris Stathatos, and I am in charge of computer support
for Division 3 of the College of Engineering and Computer Science at
Syracuse University.
The problem you mentioned (Matlab, G4 and MacOS9), has not been
encountered here as yet. However I suspect that the problem may be in MacOS
9. I have encountered various problems using the new system software.
Apple is reported to be on the verge of releasing a bug fix version call
MacOS 9.04. I know it will fix several of the problems I am experiencing
here. I suggest upgrading to the new software which by all reports should be
released by early next week.

From: Peggy Skelly
You got me worried since I know of a lab that uses Matlab heavily and
are upgrading to G4s. Since I only have a G3, I checked Matlab
running on one of our school's computer lab's G4s. Matlab 5.1 runs
ok! I didn't do anything complicated. I just started it up and
created a quick plot with no problems.

From: cwall@MIT.EDU (Conrad Wall, III, PhD)
I, too have ordered a G4 and I, too love MatLab. I'm wondering if you did
a complete new installation of MatLab from your CD or did you try to copy
the files from you old computer onto your G4? I tried the latter from two
non-G4's and this does not work. I had to re-install from the CD.
BTW, which version of MatLab are you using? I'm running Version
on MAC2

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