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Ben Hammond
05-01-2000, 01:50 PM
Is it technologically possible to determine how much pressure is applied to the
foot when jogging...and then have the same person lean on a grocery cart while
jogging and determine how much pressure is applied to the feet while
leaning on the cart?
Either with devices in the foot, or the cart on a treadmill or something else.

I know nothing of the techology you folks employ each day...I am not
connected with your academic
and technological world at all...you tell me.
This is not an idle question...due to two hips that need to be replaced and
a difficulty
in just taking a step even with a walking stick or walker ,for over 3 years
I have been "jogging" while pushing/leaning on a grocery cart as the only
practical way I can get meaningful exercise (actually it's a little slower
than a slow walk)..Maybe somewhat masochistic I agree but it's the only way
I can keep weight off until the surgery. (I lost over 100 pounds in 1997
with this and it's a truly meaningful part of my life)....I am curious as to
how much pressure the cart takes off my knees and hips...particularly since
my knees hurt badly because of the bad hips and no apparent physical
problem...Do I really take that much weight off them?

I live in Montgomery AL/USA and in addition to finding out if it's
possible...it would be helpful to find out
if anyone in the area can do it..If there's a charge I'd be glad to pay for it.

Ben Hammond
1912 Plum Street
Montgomery AL

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