View Full Version : Re: JVC DVL-9500 video camera question

Ayalon Moshe, Ph.d.
05-01-2000, 03:34 PM
Hello Richard,

As mentioned in your letter, Ariel system has the option to interface
with the JVC 120Hz video cameras. After we explored other options for
using high speed video cameras, we purchased a few months ago the APAS
system with the 120Hz JVC cameras. The software works fine and we are
able to extract the individual fields with good resolution (720 X 240).
We are very satisfied with the analysis and results. If you are looking
for a relatively cheap and quick solution to your problem you should
consider the APAS.

Moshe Ayalon


Moshe Ayalon, Ph.D.
Head of life Science Department
& Biomechanics Laboratory
The Zinman College of Physical Education &
Sport Sciences at the Wingate Institute

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