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Jeremy Linskell
05-01-2000, 10:14 PM
Dear Subscribers

I am submitting this request on behalf of a colleague, Dr Geoff
Bardsley. He is on an ISO committee currently drafting
a standard 'Wheelchair Seating - Termnology and Nomenclature'. They
have been charged with defining a set of reference axes for the
definition of seated posture, and they wish this to be compatible
with existing standards within the biomechanics community. I have
made him aware of the current debates within this area and I think
that he was suprised by the lack of agreement that exists. I think
that the group are also now aware that producing such definitions may
not be as straight forward as they thought initially. Is it
sensible, for example, to define a set of reference axes without
first considering the nature of the information you wish to
represent. I do not think that it is clear, for example, whether
imbedded co-ordinate systems, or segment orientations referenced to
the seat co-ordinate system are an appropriate way to go. So if
anyone can provide any useful information, in particular, caveats on
the potential pitfalls of inappropriate definitions, then I think
that that would be most helpful. Please remember that the group
utilising this information probably do not have a great deal of
experience in kinematic modelling

Please may I also request that you copy all responses directly
to Dr Bardsley at geoff@tortc.tuht.scot.nhs.uk


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