Dear Biomch-L readers,

The following book, already seen as an advance copy during the ESB-92
meeting in Rome last summer, is now available.

A. Cappozzo, M. Marchetti and V. Tosi (Eds),
Biolocomotion: a Century of Research Using Moving Pictures,
International Society of Biomechanics Series - Volume 1.
ISBN 88-86125-00-3, x+358 pp., ill., hardcover,
Promograph, Roma, Italy 1992.

(Proceedings of a Symposium under the same title,
Formia, Italy, 14-17 April 1989)

The editors are with the Dipartimento di Biomeccanica, Istituto di
Fisiologia Umana, Universita` di Roma "La Sapienza", Piazzale Aldo Moro 5,
I - 00185 ROMA, Italy (Aurelio Cappozzo and Marco Marchetti) and with
the Associazione Italiana di Cinematografia Scientifica (Virgilio Tosi).

Ordering details can be obtained from from dr. Cappozzo, fax +39.6.445 2303
at the above address.


1. Introductory lecture
S. Cerquiglini


2. The concept of Movement Prior to Giovanni Alfonso Borelli
G. Lorini, D. Bossi and N. Specchia

3. Borelli's Heritage
A. Cappozzo and M. Marchetti


4. Marey and Muybridge: How Modern Biolocomotion Analysis Started
V. Tosi

5. Etienne-Jules Marey, or when Motion Biomechanics Emerged as a Science
S. Bouisset

6. Clinical and Kinesiological Electromyography by "Le Docteur Duchenne
(de Boulogne)"
J.P. Clarys and L. Lewille

7. "The Human Gait" by Braune and Fischer
P. Maquet

8. Some Pioneers of Scientific Cinematography during the Turn of
the Century and their Work in Biolocomotion
H.-K. Galle

9. Bernstein: the Microscopy of Movement
H. Jansons

10. The Californian Contribution
J.P. Paul


11. One Hundred Years of Photogrammetry in Biolocomotion
H.J. Woltring

12. Assessment of Musculoskeletal Disorders by Locomotion Analysis:
a Critical and Epistemological Historical Review
R.A. Brand

13. Cinematography in the Study of Animal Locomotion
R.McN. Alexander

14. Biolocomotion: An Item in the Encyclopaedia Cinematographica
H.-K. Galle


15. Simultaneous Recordings of Body Movement and Force Data on a
Commercial VTR During In Vivo Measurement of Hip Joint Force
F. Graichen and G. Bergmann

16. Dynamic Pedography - A Tool for the Evaluation of Therapeutic
Success after Fracture Treatment?
T. Mittlemeier, G. Lob, M. Faessler, W. Mutschler and G. Bauer

17. Soft Saturation, an Idea for Load Sharing Between Muscles.
Application to the Study of Human Locomotion.
A. Siemienski

18. Posture and Movement Analysis in Ergonomics, Principles and Research
J. Dul, N.J. Delleman and V.H. Hildebrandt

19. Biomechanical Analysis of Triple Jump
F. Merni, L. Coppini, A. Chicchella and A. Madella

20. Software Tools for Analysis and Representation of Movement.
M. Solari, P. Morasso and G. Vercelli


I'd like to congratulate the editors with this new addition to the bookshelves
of Biomechanics, and even more so because it is the first volume of a new
book series started by the ISB. As ISB president, Aurelio Cappozzo has taken
the challenge to start a series of standard handbooks which, I trust, will
see many interesting additions in the coming years.