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Symposium on FES assisted movements

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  • Symposium on FES assisted movements

    Dear colleagues interested in biomechanics,

    We would like to inform you about a symposium on FES assisted movements
    within the 6th Internet World Congress for Biomedical Sciences (INABIS
    2000). This congress takes place between the 14th and the 25th of
    february 2000. The whole congress and symposium are accessible through
    the World Wide Web and registration for the event is free. The URL for
    this congress is:

    We enclose the final programme of the symposium, the list of all the
    different invited symposium within this congress and would like to
    remind you that if you are interested there are free communications

    I wish everyone a great congress and I hope that great interactions will
    emerge during this first ever FES symposium in cyberspace.

    Michel Ladouceur, PhD
    Centre for Sensory-Motor Interaction
    Aalborg University

    Final programme invited symposium on FES
    The role of FES assisted movements in the rehabilitation of motor
    impaired persons
    Chairman: Dr Michel Ladouceur

    Multi-Functional Implantable Praxis Stimulator for Paraplegia
    Dr Ross Davis United States
    Mr Thierry Houdayer United States
    Dr Brian J. Andrews United Kingdom
    Mr Andrew Barriskill Australia

    Stimulation of flexor reflex afferents: a pathway to the spinal pattern
    generator for
    human locomotion?
    Dr Jochen Quintern Germany

    Clinical Experience with the LSU RGO-FES System
    Dr Richard V. Baratta United States

    Two channel stimulation for hemiplegic gait. Control algorithms,
    selection of muscle
    groups and the results of a preliminary clinical trial
    Dr Jane H. Burridge United Kingdom
    Dr Duncan Wood United Kingdom

    A customized model for control of movement with neuroprostheses
    Dr Dejan Popovic Denmark
    Dr Novak Jaukovic Yugoslavia

    Restoration of bladder control in spinal cord injured patients using
    stimulation Nico Rijkhoff Denmark
    Dr Thomas Sinkjaer Denmark

    Nonparametric artificial neural network models for control of FES-based
    gait: A
    simulation approach
    Dr Francisco Sepulveda Denmark

    The therapeutic effect of functional electrical stimulation assisted
    walking in
    incomplete spinal cord injured participants
    Dr Michel Ladouceur Denmark

    List of Invited Symposium
    1.- Quality of Health Information in Internet
    Chair: Ph.D Roberto Rodriguez Morales Cuba

    2.- Behavioral Effects of Cannabinoids and Alcohol
    Chair: Dr. John Salamone United States
    Co-Chair: Dr. Merce Correa Spain

    3.- The role of FES assisted movements in the rehabilitation of motor
    Chair: Dr Michel Ladouceur Denmark

    4.- High risk newborn follow-up
    Chair: Dr. Jesús García Domínguez Cuba
    Co-Chair: Dra. Teresa Cueto Guerreiro Cuba

    5.- Recent advances in the neurobiology of drug addiction
    Chair: Dr. Luis F. Alguacil Spain
    Co-Chair: Dr Carmen Pérez-García Spain

    6.- New Technologies in Pathology and Medical Imaging
    Chair: Dra. Ana Morillo Castro Spain
    Co-Chair: Dr. Marcial García Rojo Spain
    Co-Chair: Dr. Fernando Martin-Sanchez Spain

    7.- Medical Problems of Chemical Safety
    Chair: Professor Iu. P. Tikhomirov Russian Federation

    9.- Telework in Medicine
    Chair: Eng. Daniel Rincón Prada Spain

    12.- Uropathology in human and experimental tissues
    Chair: Dr. Mariano Alvira United States

    13.- Physiological and pathological implications of
    amine oxidase (SSAO), also known as a vascular adhesion molecule
    Chair: Dr. Peter H. Yu Canada

    15.- Orthopaedics and extremities reconstruction surgery.
    Chair: Dr. ANGEL FUEYO LORENTE Spain

    16.- Bioanthropology, "When the Deads tell us your Story"
    Chair: Ernesto León Rodríguez Flórez Colombia
    Co-Chair: Astrid Lorena Perafán Ledezma Colombia

    17.- Pathogenesis of vasospasm after subarachnoid hemorrhage
    Chair: Dr. R. Loch Macdonald United States

    19.- Three-dimensional ophthalmic ultrasonography
    Chair: Dr. Janos Nemeth Hungary

    21.- Excitatory amino acid receptors: the present and the future
    Chair: Dr Mikhail Soloviev United Kingdom

    22.- Protein regulation of neurotransmitter receptors. From synaptic
    plasticity to
    Chair: Dr Daniel Rodriguez-Ithurralde Uruguay
    Co-Chair: Chem. Eng. Silvia Olivera Bravo Uruguay
    Co-Chair: Dr Jeremy Martin Henley United Kingdom

    23.- Advances and Controversies in Acute Pain Management
    Chair: Dr Concepción Pérez Hernández Spain
    Co-Chair: Dr Ana Reguera Espelet Spain
    Co-Chair: Dr Jose Luis Martinez Chacón Spain

    24.- Tissue Engineering 2000
    Chair: Professor Vivek Dixit United States
    Co-Chair: Dr. Yukinobu takimoto United States

    25.- Reactive Oxygen Species and Neurodegenerative Diseases
    Chair: Dr. Richard M. Kostrzewa United States
    Co-Chair: Pr. Jacques Callebert France

    27.- Testing the dopamine hypothesis of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity
    (ADHD): hypo or hyper?
    Chair: Dr. Adolfo Gustavo Sadile Italy
    Co-Chair: Dr. Joseph A. Sergeant Netherlands
    Co-Chair: Dr. Mary Solanto United States

    28.- Melatonin: the ubiquitous hormone
    Chair: Dr. Gregory M. Brown Canada
    Co-Chair: Dr Shiu Fun Pang China

    29.- Modulation of activity and function of aminergic neurons in the
    Chair: Dr. Athineos Philippu Austria

    30.- Stroke/Cerebral Vascular Physiology
    Chair: Prof. Dr. John H. Zhang United States

    31.- Molecular basis of K channels in vascular smooth muscle cells and
    endothelial cells
    Chair: Dr. Rui Wang Canada

    32.- Iron Metabolism
    Chair: Dr. Des Richardson Australia
    Co-Chair: Dr. Prem Ponka Canada

    33.- Free Radicals and Drug-Induced Neurotoxicity
    Chair: Dr. Jean Lud Cadet United States

    34.- The Therapeutic Potential of Phase II Enzyme Induction
    Chair: Dr. Bernhard H.J. Juurlink Canada

    35.- Advances in Gene Therapy for Neurological Disorders
    Chair: Dr Nazer Qureshi United States
    Co-Chair: Dr. Neil Kowall United States

    38.- Molecular Mechanism of Endothelial Cell Mechanoreception
    Chair: Dr. Peter I. Lelkes United States

    39.- Applying Information Technology in Medicine
    Chair: Dr. Kevin M. McNeill United States
    Co-Chair: Dr. Elizabeth Krupinski United States
    Co-Chair: Dr. Krisellen Maloney United States

    40.- Pathology and Genetics of Nervous System Tumors
    Chair: Dr. Javier Saez Castresana Spain

    42.- Complex rehabilitation, neurology and psychiatry hand in hand
    Chair: Res. Assoc. Duska Meh Slovenia

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