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protocol for testing viscoelastic properties of tendons

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  • protocol for testing viscoelastic properties of tendons

    Good morning,

    We are working on the viscoelastic properties of tendons before and after
    freezing. We are looking for 2 types of information: the stress relaxation
    and the ultimate strain to rupture.
    In the literature, the protocols consist usually in 10 cycles of low strain
    with a low strain rate. But we don't understand:
    - Why is a 10 cycles test used by all these teams , rather than a 1
    time/strain test ?
    - Which is initial reference for all these protocols ?
    Initially we thought that we just had to apply the same protocol that was
    applied to a plastic material, but we haven't found a protocol in the French
    standardisation organism guide.

    Thank you.

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    Laboratoire de Biomécanique du Géboas
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