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CWRU Fellowships in Skeletal Research

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  • CWRU Fellowships in Skeletal Research



    Qualified candidates are being sought to fill pre and post-doctoral
    fellowship positions on an NIH-funded Training Grant at Case Western
    Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Positions are based in the
    Department of Orthopaedics (Victor M. Goldberg, M.D., Chair) and
    opportunities are available for study of a wide variety of topics in the
    biological and systems aspects of skeletal science through strong clinical
    and technical interactions with the Departments of Biomedical and Aerospace
    Engineering at CWRU, and University Hospitals, MetroHealth Medical Center
    and the Cleveland Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

    Participating faculty include: R. Tracy Ballock, MD: Regulation of growth
    plate chondrocyte differentiation, chondrodysplasia; Dwight T. Davy, PhD:
    Mechanics of hard tissues, mechanics of fracture healing and bone grafts,
    mechanics of natural and artificial joints; Edward M. Greenfield, PhD:
    Cell-cell interactions that regulate bone turnover in response to
    parathyroid hormone, vitamin D, and orthopaedic wear debris; Thomas M.
    Hering, PhD: Molecular biology of extracellular matrix in articular
    cartilage; Brian Johnstone, PhD: Biochemistry and cell and molecular
    biology work on the fundamental processes of chondrogenesis, genetic
    manipulation of cells for use in clinically relevant animal models of
    degenerative joint disease and spinal fusion; Joseph M. Mansour, PhD:
    Mechanical behavior of cartilage including effects of disease and repair;
    P. Hunter Peckham, PhD: Functional electrical stimulation for restoration
    of function in spinal cord injury patients; Clare M. Rimnac, PhD: Implant
    materials performance, wear and degradation of UHMW polyethylene; Ronald
    Triolo, PhD: Rehabilitation, FNS, human movement analysis, orthotics and
    prosthetics; Clayton Van Doren, PhD: Kinesthetic and tactile function,
    sensory feedback for prostheses; Jean Welter, MD, PhD: Molecular and
    cellular biology of skeletal cells, mechanical and environmental effects on
    gene expression.

    Must be U.S. citizen or permanent resident. Send a description of research
    interests and curriculum vitae to: Valerie Schmedlen, Department of
    Orthopaedics, Case Western Reserve University, 11100 Euclid Avenue,
    Cleveland, OH 44106-5043; e-mail

    .................................................. ...................
    Ronald J. Triolo, Ph.D.
    Rehabilitation Engineering Center -or- Cleveland FES Center
    Hamann Building, Room 601 Suite 230, University West
    MetroHealth Medical Center Case Western Reserve University
    2500 MetroHealth Drive 11000 Cedar Road
    Cleveland, OH 44109-1998 Cleveland, OH 44106-3052
    Phone: (216) 778-7877 Phone: (216) 791-3800 X4698
    FAX: (216) 778-4259 FAX: (216) 231-3433 or 3258

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