Article 3016 in comp.robotics:
From: (Otto Lind)
Subject: Re: Pan/tilt heads
Date: 29 Sep 92 00:45:28 GMT
Sender: news@Sybase.COM

In article , (Bill Ross) writes:
|> I'm looking for a camera pan/tilt head. It should be small,
|> fairly quick, and be equipped with pots or encoders to sense
|> camera orientation. Any ideas on who could sell me one of
|> these?
|> Thanks!
|> Bill

Hi Bill,

A commercially available computer-controlled pan-tilt unit is being
produced by a local Bay Area company called Directed Perception. It
has been designed to be low-cost ($1200), fast (e.g., over 180
degrees/sec), and accurate (e.g., resolution of 3.09 seconds/arc per
position). I saw a Beta unit (it's now entering Beta testing), and
it was impressive.

Some info from their preliminary spec sheet:

* Simple to use from any RS-232 terminal or computer
* Fast and accurate camera positioning at low cost
* Precise control of position, speed & acceleration
* Small form factor
* Allow on-the-fly position and speed changes
* Self-calibration upon reset
* Motor power consumption controlled from host
* Can use DC power input from unregulated or noisy sources
* Maximum rated payload: over 3 lbs.
* Maximum speed: over 180 degrees/sec
* Acceleration/Deceleration: Trapezoidal, on-the-fly target
speed and position changes
* Resolution: 3.086 arc minutes per position
* Basic mode: Host RS-232 port connected to single pan-tilt
unit and controller
* Extended mode: Control of multiple pan-tilt units from one
or more host computers. Multidrop, high-speed RS-485
packet network with error detection.
* Input voltage: 11-25VDC unregulated
* Weight 2.2 lbs
* Dimensions: 3" wide X 5.2" wide X 4" deep
* Load mounting: standard #1/4-20 screw and mounting plate
easily removed for custom modifications
* Pan-Tilt mounting: Bottom and front #1/4-20 mounting.

Information can be obtained from:
Directed Perception
1451 Capuchino Avenue
Burlingame, CA 94010, U.S.A.
+1 (415) 342-9399 (Tel & fax)


P.S. I don't have any connections with Directed Perception, just happen
to know the people there.

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