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I: fellowship opportunity: MatLab programmer

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  • I: fellowship opportunity: MatLab programmer

    Dear All,

    The duration of the position listed below has been increased to a 6 months,
    with possible extension beyond that period. The fellowship stipend will be
    commensurate with experience level.
    Please refer to the message below for a description of the position.
    International applications are welcome however a fluency in English speaking
    and writing, including for scientific journals and presentations, is

    This position is an exciting opportunity to be involved in private and
    publicly funded research on a variety of topics, including research and
    development of orthopaedic and sports equipment, putting theoretical
    principles into clinical practice, and developing new methods of functional
    movement analysis for the sports medicine environment. Excellent
    organisational skills is required.

    Please include a cover letter and a resume or CV with your response,
    including your availability. All responses will be treated with discretion.
    Previous applications will still be considered if they are able to meet the
    extended fellowship period.

    Thank You,
    Daniel Benoit
    Direttore Ricerca Scientifica /\
    Laboratorio di Biomeccanica |\/ \/|
    Let People Move __|\ | | /|__
    Perugia, Italy \
    Ph. +39 (0)75 500 3956
    Fax +39 (0)75 501 0921 # #

    'Integrity is our greatest asset'

    -----Messaggio originale-----
    Da: Daniel Benoit
    Data: Wednesday 26 January 2000 11.24 AM
    Oggetto: fellowship opportunity: MatLab programmer

    >Dear All,
    >There is an immediate short term fellowship opportunity for a programmer in
    >MatLab available at the Let People Move biomechanics laboratory in Perugia,
    >We are seeking to integrate MatLab into our environment and as such,
    >require someone with strong Matlab programming skills and a knowledge of
    >kinematics, motion analysis and data processing. Your responsibilities
    >include education of the software, developing software to run various
    >clinical tests, archiving patient and subject information, and aiding in
    >development of kinematics and inverse dynamics software for research
    >purposes. The position is expected to last around three months and will be
    >administrated as a research fellowship. Your working environment will be
    >English, Italian is not required as you will be working closely with an
    >english speaking biomechanics researcher.
    >Let People Move is a privately funded and extremely well equipped
    >biomechanics research and clinical analysis facility. The lab is
    >with 2 Bertec forceplates, APAS (with 4-100Hz video cameras) and MacReflex
    >motion analysis systems, KinCom, 16 channel Noraxon telemetric EMG,
    >footswitches, strain gauges, accelerometers, a number of Pentiums, etc...
    >Current research includes sports medicine, focusing on football (soccer)
    >injuries of the knee joint, shoulder injuries (gymnasts and volleyball) as
    >well as other patient populations and pathologies not related to sports.
    >The lab is located in a new, large and bright facility with ample lab and
    >working space. Perugia is a beautiful city in the 'Green Heart' of Italy
    >with a young and vibrant atmosphere due to the Italian and Foreigners
    >For further information please reply to this message. All information will
    >be treated with discretion.
    >Thank You,
    >Daniel Benoit
    >Direttore Ricerca Scientifica /\
    >Laboratorio di Biomeccanica |\/ \/|
    >Let People Move __|\ | | /|__
    >Perugia, Italy \
    >Ph. +39 (0)75 500 3956
    >Fax +39 (0)75 501 0921 #
    > #
    > 'Integrity is our greatest asset'
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