Hi Everybody,

I have a question concerning my sampling frequency for EMG data collection
and fast fourrier transformation. The current information that has been
provided to me suggests that i need a sampling frequence of 5000Hz in order
to perform an FFT analysis of the EMG signal.

Unfortunately the equipment performing the data collection is not capable of
handling the large influx of information (4 channels, 5sec of data - 100 000
data points).

The question therefore is how far can i reduce my sampling frequency before
i begin corrupting the integrity of the FFT capabilities? I have played
around with the sampling frequency and i believe i can get what i need at

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Nathan Deans (BHMS)(Ex. Sci.)(Hons)
School of Exercise Science & Sport Management
Southern Cross University
P.O.Box 157
Lismore, NSW, 2480, Australia
+61 2 6620 3231 Office
+61 2 6620 3880 Fax
http://sessm.scu.edu.au/nathandeans (updated)

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