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TOC JoB 22(4), 1989

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  • TOC JoB 22(4), 1989

    Journal of Biomechanics, Volume 22, Number 4, 1989 (pp. 295-401)


    Z. Ladin et al., A quantitative comparison of a position measurement system
    and accelerometry (295)

    J.E. Wood et al., Quantitation of human shoulder anatomy for prosthetic arm
    control - II. Anatomy matrices (309)

    D.E. Thompson & D.J. Giurintano, A kinematic model of the flexor tendons of
    the hand (327)

    Y.I. Cho & L.H. Back, In vitro flow measurements in ion sputtered hydro-
    cephalus shunts (335)

    M.A. Srinivasan, Surface deflection of primate fingertip under line load

    S.D. Ryan & J.L. Williams, Tensile testing of rodlike trabeculae excised from
    bovine femural bone (351)

    A. Shirazi-Adl, On the fibre composite material models of disc annulus -
    comparison of predicted stresses (357)

    P.E. Martin et al, The use of magnetic resonance imaging for measuring segment
    inertial properties (367)

    J.D. Humphrey & F.C.P. Yin, Biomechanical experiments on excised myocardium:
    theoretical considerations (377)

    P.C. Galbraith & J.T. Bryant, Effects of grid dimensions on finite element
    models of an articular surface (Technical Note, 385)

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