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  • Reply_to = List or Sender (=poster)

    Dear Biomch-L readers,

    The following note, apparently generated with a VAX/VMS REPLY command
    under MAIL was received by me privately, and *not* via Biomch-L.

    > Received: Tue, 6 Oct 92 15:24 MET
    > Date: Tue, 6 Oct 1992 09:24 CST
    > From:
    > Subject: RE: Biomch-L -- Discussion Forum ?
    > Message-id:
    > Concerning Biomch-L and the Discussion Forum, I wonder how many
    > first-time ListServer users were like me -- unsure of the rule for
    > sending a message to the users on the network as a whole? After
    > reading the instructions, the answer is simple -- on my VAX/VMS
    > after reading a message that I want to respond to, I simply type
    > REPLY which sends the message through the ListServer. If this
    > message is not correct, I'm sure others will come on and correct
    > my instructions, which of course is the purpose of discussion.

    Presumably, Mr Eason *thought* that he was posting his above note
    to the list while in fact, he was sending it to me privately: his
    mailer s/w is supposed to react on the contents of the Reply-To
    field in a message if the REPLY command is issued. Because of the
    current list profile, Biomch-L postings have the original poster's
    email address in this field rather than the list's address. I'm
    sorry if this sounds rather technical.

    I agree that many new users are confused between the administrative
    address ListServ@hearn.bitnet (a.k.a. and the
    posting address Biomch-L@hearn.bitnet (a.k.a.
    That's why the active moderator sends a personal Welcome file to each
    new subscriber explaining this difference.

    Regards -- hjw.