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EMG waveform shape comparisons

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  • EMG waveform shape comparisons

    This is somewhat of a follow-up to Rene Ferdinands's question on April 14th
    regarding the assesment of waveform similarity. We are interested in
    determining the similarity of the shape of surface EMG waveforms that were
    collected on different days. Based on the responses to Rene and the
    BIOMCH-L archives discussion at there
    certainly seems to be no consesus regarding an acceptable technique. We
    are not interested in magnitude differences or time-lags between the two
    waveforms. We previously have used the Pearson r correlation coefficient
    but it has been suggested that applying this measure to EMG waveforms
    violates some statistical assumptions required for the use of this
    technique. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciate.


    Charles S. Layne
    Associate Professor
    Department of Health and Human Performance
    University of Houston
    office 713.743.9868
    fax 713.743.9860

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