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Summary: A Used MTS or Instron Machine

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  • Summary: A Used MTS or Instron Machine

    Dear Netter,
    I have received so many e-mails requesting to share the information about
    a used MTS or Instron machine. I guess there are many people out there who
    are interested in second-hand material testing machine.
    Here is the summary of the information I have received so far.
    Thanks to those people who provided me with the valuable information!


    ================================================== ======
    J-K. Francis Suh, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor
    Department of Biomedical Engineering
    Tulane University
    Lindy Boggs Center, Suite 500
    New Orleans, LA 70118
    Tel) 504-865-5852 (Direct); 504-865-5841 (Lab); 504-865-5897 (Dept. office)
    Fax) 504-862-8779
    ================================================== ======

    ---------------------------- Originial Message --------------------
    Dear Netter,

    I am wondering if there is any source available, where I can buy a used MTS
    or Instron machine. We are trying to buy an inexpensive (preferably used)
    MTS or Instron machine for our undergraduate class, which could be happily
    beat up by inexperienced undergraduate students during their Biomechanics Lab

    I would appreciate any kinds of information about used MTS or Instron


    My firm offers a line of low force (100 to 2000 pounds) tensile test
    machines. They are designed with a wide array of features attractive to the
    biomechanics market, and can be purchased with or without advanced PC based
    controls. A complete selection of accessories such as grips and
    extensometers is available. Systems and accessories are all at prices below
    typical market rates.

    Please contact me if I can offer you further information.

    John E. Hart
    DDL, Inc.
    612-941-9226 voice
    612-941-9318 fax

    Hi Francis,
    We don't have anything used, but I thought I would let you know
    that we bought a QT5 tabletop electromechanical system from MTS that
    doesn't have as many bells and whistles as the more research oriented
    systems. It's geared more toward quality control, so is more robust, and a
    bit cheaper. (still fairly pricey, though.) It has worked well for us so

    Good luck setting things up. I hope you find something good.

    Amy L. Lerner
    Asst. Professor, Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering
    215 Hopeman Building
    University of Rochester
    Box Number 270132
    Rochester, NY 14627-0132

    Phone: 716-275-7847, Fax: 716-256-2509


    If you're looking for an electromechanical system, try Test Resources, Inc.
    They make nice reasonably-priced machines that are as good as MTS or Instron.

    Hani Awad, PhD
    Orthopaedic Research Laboratory
    Duke University Medical Center


    We currently have two MTS machines at Hopkins, and
    soon we are going to start running them off of one
    pump. So, we don't have an MTS machine available, but
    if you need a pump, we have a spare.

    John J. Elias, Ph.D.
    JHU Biomechancs Lab
    235 Ross Research Building
    720 Rutland Ave. ph: (410) 502-6416
    Baltimore, MD 21205 fax: (410) 502-6414


    Dr. Suh,

    I have recently be looking for a servohydraulic test system for the
    mechanical test lab which I work. I learned that refurbished test systems
    can be purchased directly from Instron. Instron has a buy back program in
    which they will purchase older model test systems and the rebuild their
    control system with up-to-date technology. You might try contacting there
    local representative. They (Instron) also has lease to own program with
    their newer models.

    You could also try Interactive Instruments located in Scotia, New York the
    produce inexpensive test systems that may fit your needs. I mention them
    because we have ended up working with them in manfacturing test fixtures.

    For more used equipment check the following address and search under
    "instron" or "mts"

    Happy shopping!

    Dan Young


    Thought you might be interested.

    Pls check out the web site:

    Martin Lin

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