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CG software of knee motion animation

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  • CG software of knee motion animation

    Dear BiomechL-members

    Our lab just started to use CG software of 3D studio Max distributed by
    AutoDesk and we do not know well its application. We are trying to do CG
    animation of knee motion to see how the reconstructed ACL ligament works
    according to the femoral and tibial movements.
    I hope someone will help us. We have slice data of bone shapes from MRI
    or CT and 3D location of the inserted ligament on the bone.

    (1) Is 3D-studio-Max software effective for this study?
    (2)) Are there any plug-in softwares to 3D-studio-Max to do this study?
    (3) Are there any good softwares other than 3D-studio-Max for this study?
    (4) Are there any database or site on knee shape and related ligaments ?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciate.
    I will summarize responses.

    Tamotsu Tamaki/ Professor /
    Dept. Mechanical Engineering, Nippon Institute of Technology
    4-1 Gakuendai Miyashiro Saitama 345-8501 Japan
    Tel /Fax +81-480-33-7621 (Lab.) Fax +81-480-33-7645 (Department)

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