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Trends of prostheses implants in Orthopaedic surgery

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  • Trends of prostheses implants in Orthopaedic surgery

    I do not know if you can help me:
    I am doing a survey on the current trends in Knee and Hip prostheses so
    I was wondering if you have any data about that:

    I would like to know the overall number of hip replacement/revisions in
    The overall number of knee replacement/revisions in 1999

    Do you expect a variation of this nember in the next months?
    Do you expect a relevant variation in the number of revisions?

    There are particular constraints related to law or Healthcare spending

    If there is some trend in the market related to the introduction of new
    solutions such as metal-metal prostheses ot to the introduction of new
    surgical systems such as Image guided systems otr robot assisted

    I have to wright about the socio-economic impact of new products and
    services in orthopaedic surgery, and as you are aware it is very
    difficult to have a global overview at european level.

    SO if you have also some references WEB site or paper addressing such a
    figures awould be very glad.

    Thanks a lot for your kind assistance

    Cristiano Paggetti, Ph.D.

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    Cristiano Paggetti, Ph.D.
    in Bioengineering and Robotics
    Via San Giovan Gualberto, 10
    50137 - FIRENZE - ITALY

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