Hello all,

I'm a graduate student at Drexel Univ. in Philadelphia, and we are starting
an Implant Retrieval Database of hip and knee implants from a local
hospital. At the moment the purpose is to study the changes of the
mechanical properties of in vivo UHMWPE acetabular cups (various
manufacturers) and compare these changes to results from in vitro
experiments. Eventually we would like to establish a complete catalogue of
all components retrieved, with damage assessments, for any future research.

Does anyone know of any published reports of similar studies and or other
research which collected and evaluated retrieved implants. My literature
searches (mostly through Medline) have turned up very few studies, most of
these are chemical evaluations (which are still helpful). The information
I'm really looking for is advice or guidelines on setting up criteria for
component assessment, and ideas for cataloguing this information in our
database (will be using Access).

I know this is a very broad request, but we are in the absolute beginning of
this program, and any help to get us off on the right start would be greatly
appreciated. I won't be around for the next ten days or so to respond to
any replies, but I when I get back I will collate and publish the responses
as that seems to be the way of this list.

Thank you,
Tom Coulter
School of Biomedical Engineering,
Drexel University

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