Hello all
I'm A M.Sc student trying to run a project now regarding the impact phase of
the human jump.
The model I'm trying to build describe each segment as bone+soft tissue.
I've been looking for some related works in the litrature and what I was
able to find includes:
1) B.M. Nigg & W. Liu works regarding parameters affecting the impact force
(masses and masses distribution, muscle stiffness, etc.).
2) A. Voloshin & J. Wosk works regarding the shock absorption ability of
human body.
3) J. Mizrahi & Z. Susak works on the parammeters affecting impact force
asttenuation during landing.
4) M. Jarraha at el. work on human body model response for mechanical
All the above works used two main methods: the lumping model, and the rigid
body segments.
I've also found a work done by K. Gruner at el. which seperates the rigid
bodys (bones) from the soft tissues and simulate the affect of that
seperation on the behavior of several computed magnitudes (joints moments,
forces etc.). this work uses antrophometic data for the bone and for the
soft tissues of specific subject.
In order to build similar modal and try to run some experiments on it I need
to know the antrophometric data (mass, moment of inertia, etc.) of the human
bones (without the soft tissues).
The only references I've found give this data for the whole segments, and
this doesn't help me much.
Does anybody knows where can I found this kind of data ?
I've tried to contact K. Gruber but no success yet... does anybody knows how
can I contact him/her or one of the other writers of the article (H. Rudler,
J. Denoth or K. Schneider) ?
thanks in advance

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