My name is Audithira Mahardriasmoko. I’m fourth grade
student in Bandung Institute of Technology, in
Department of Physics Science.
Now I’m finishing my final project about kinematics of
robotic arm (2 angle)with neural network (Matlab). My
program use error back propagation especially with
Levenberg-Marquardt approximation. It has 90 %
completed. I learned it from Neural Network TOOLBOX;
For Use with MATLAB; User’s guide
But I have a problem to learn about the teory of this
approximation (Levenberg-Marquardt) IN DETAIL. I’m
confuse about some index like  , how it work,
etc. And I need it for my final report.
So if you don’t mind, would you like to send me a
literature about this approximation in detail to my
Audithira M
BTN Ciremai Giri E3/8
Cirebon 45142
Jawa Barat,
Or my email at
I hope you can help me. Thank you for your attention
and time.
please answer me

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