Dear Netter
I came back from ISBS2000 in Hongkong.There was a
Martial art session. I know 2 points from it.
1,Taichi Chuan exercise has beneficail effects on balance
controll ability and reduction in falling in the elderly.
2,How TCC exercise helps to improve the human balance control
has not yet been explained. In order to solve the second problem,
biomechanist need to research a kind of similar Martial art
_Bagua Zhang.
Bagua Zhang has the same kind of training priciple,but
its foundamental training is only a kind of specail gait.
At first practitioners should keep the back shape similar to that
of Taichi. Second, they should always practice Bagua gait according
to a famous Taichi and Bagua proverb"Relaxation, Empty mind,
Constant speed, Slow speed" . They should move their COM constantly.
In other words,they should always try to decrease their energy
cost at a certain COM height according to physics.
By surfing around Internet, I know that Gait analysis is
easy to handle. Many hospitals and university setup their gait
labs to test patients'gait and research biomechanics, but they do
not know what Bagua is. In future experiments, researchers can
easily control the Bagua group and the control group. It is
convenient to compare this gait with normal gait, and it is repeatable
everywhere. In the other hand, Taichi has so many training postures
that different researchers may use the different one.
At last, if Taichi and Bagua are contrary training method,
as a kind of descipline Bauga gait can easily be compared to other
movements such as running. In oder to increase their fighting ability,
in ancient times Taichi and Bagua prctitioners only concentrated
in decreasing power of lower energy level. Although we do not need Taichi and
Bagua as self-defence skill for most people, we do need to know their
essence. Potential power =maximal power-power of lower energy level.
The secret is hided under why as ancient deciplines they only
concentrated on the training of lower energy level, why they always
try to keep a kind of specail back shape, how ancient warriors
deduced this special method from deadly competetion of ancient
battlefields, direct training methods of martial arts and Chinese
Taichi philosophy. Forexample, by certain experiment we can compare
the improvement between Bagua Gait group and the direct training group
such as runner group if we control the same energy expenditure of them.
After all, Bagua gait can become a starting point to know
the secret of TCC. It also can become a link point between Chinese
culture and modern science, because Taichi and Bagua are important
parts of Chinese culture. I try to make professional researchers
take notice of my ideas and do something if they think that it is
worth doing. My paper "Changes of ground reaction force and center
of mass in Bagua gait:A qualitative observation" is published in
ON BIOMECHANICS IN SPORTS" Any comments are welcome.


Chengzhi Wang

BSc. of Electronics
MSc. of Computer engineering
Tianjin Guoxin Telecommunication CHINA

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