Dear Biomch-L readers,

This morning, I received the November 1992 issue of the Journal of Biomecha-
nics with, a.o., an announcement of Biomch-L, for the first time with a
statement on ISB's sponsorship of our list, plus an announcement of the
2nd International Symposium on 3-D Analysis of Human Movement in Poitiers,
France, next year. Unfortunately, the change of dates mentioned on Biomch-L
some time ago could not be accomodated any more in the JoB: it lists the
original dates (1 - 4 July 1993) rather than the revised and final dates
(30 June - 3 July). So, we'll have to send in an addendom.

One of the advantages of electronic publication is the possibility of error
correction: every month, one of the Biomch-L moderators retrieves the monthly
log file and prunes it from typoes and irrelevant postings. - editors and pub-
lishers of hard-copy journals have an even tougher task! Still, I'm delighted
that Letters to the Editor in a classical journal can often be published with
very little delay since they are exempted from the sometimes lengthy delays of
peer review.