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Remapping Keyboards

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  • Remapping Keyboards

    Hi folks,

    I'm looking at a possible synchronization solution taht i've never read
    about but it has been suggested (it's cheap and easy if it works!!!)

    I'm planning to use the sensors from two remote control keyboards, and one
    keypad. The two computers I am using to collect data use different keys to
    start collection, and this is not inhouse software that can be changed. The
    suggestion is to remap in DOS (the platform in which one computer works) the
    keyboard such that it receives the signal that F4 has been pressed but it
    translates this to being "R" pressed. The other computer which uses F4 to
    start collection meanwhile is happily humming along collecting data. Has
    anyone tried this and had success? I am trying ANZIO but am running into
    gliches. As well a problem that has been mentioned is that the collection
    program it self may overwrite the remapping and accept F4 as F4 and not as

    Thanks for your assistance and I will post a summary of what was suggested
    and happened.


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