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    Dear Richard Baker,

    As Winter described, Plangenhoef cited Dempster's data as
    you wrote in your original message.

    However, Clauser et al. who worked the same laboratory cited
    Dempster's work and gave the other different values (calf
    without foot is 0.433, and calf with foot is 0.437). In
    addition, in 1963, Braune and co-workers including Dempster
    reported that CM of calf is 0.433 and calf with foot is 0.434.
    I can accept these values rather than 0.606.

    Putting all things together, I think that Plagenhoef's book has
    typographical errors and Winter cited the data with the errors.
    It's my guess. Otherwise, you can check all of Dempster's paper.
    He published several papers, at least two papers in 1955.

    Plangenhoef. Patterns of Human Motion -a cinematographic
    analysis-, Prentice-hall, Inc. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey,

    Miller & Nelson. Biomechanics of Sport. Lea & Febiger.
    Philadelphia, 1973

    Dempster, W.T. Space requirements of the seated operator.
    WADC Tech. Report, 55-159. 1955

    Dempster, W.T. The anthropometry of body action. Ann. N.Y.
    Acad. Sci. 63, 559-585, 1955

    Clauser et al. Weight, volume, and center of mass of segment
    of the human body. AMRL-TR-69-70. Wright-Patterson Air
    Force Base. 1969

    Braune et al. Human mechanics -four monographs abridged-
    AMRL-TDR-63-123. Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. 1963


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