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    8th East Coast Clinical Gait Conference
    Hosted by:Orthopedic Biomechanics Laboratory
    Mayo Clinic/Mayo Foundation
    Rochester, MN

    May 5-9, 1993

    Many of the past participants in The East Coast Clinical Gait Conference and
    the West Coast Clinical Gait Conference have joined together in an effort to
    share common interests and problems. As a result, this conference has
    experienced impressive growth over the last few years. Participants have come
    from all segments of the USA, from Canada, and even Europe. This year we look
    forward to continued participation from all regions as we move from regional
    meetings to a combined North American Gait Conference.

    We will be pleased to receive original abstracts in the biomechanics of human
    movement with emphasis on gait. Please use the following format for preparation
    of abstracts. To assure the highest quality available, please submit material
    via mail only. Abstracts will be reproduced as received.

    All abstracts concerning gait and gait analysis are welcome. Special
    consideration will be given to abstracts that illustrate unique uses of gait
    analysis, clear and concrete benefits of gait analysis that cannot be obtained
    by other means, and abstracts that provide a vision of the future of gait
    analysis such as new equipment and techniques.

    Instructions for Authors:

    Maximum of two 8 1/2 x 11 inch pages, including references, figures, and tables
    Single space with a blank line between paragraphs
    Indent 5 spaces for first line of paragraph
    One inch margin on all sides
    Main headings - centered, capitalized
    Subheadings - at left margin
    Title includes authors and affiliations
    Authors' names and page numbers on back of each page in pencil

    Additional information may be obtained by contacting:

    Tom Cahalan, P.T. -or- Dwight Meglan, Ph.D.
    Orthopedic Biomechanics Laboratory
    Mayo Clinic/Mayo Foundation
    Rochester, MN 55905
    Telephone: (507) 284-8941 FAX: (507) 284-5392


    Submission of Abstracts: January 29, 1993
    Notification of Authors: March 1, 1993

    (If you wish to use the following registration form, please generate the form
    as single page, 8 1/2 X 11 preferred)

    Name ______________________________________

    Institution/Company ______________________________________

    Address ______________________________________

    City ________ State ________ Zip ________

    Conference registration fee: $ 115
    after March 31 $ 150
    (US Dollars only)

    Please make checks payable to Mayo Foundation

    If paying by VISA or MASTER CARD

    Number: VISA ________________________________ Expiration date? _______________

    MASTER CARD _________________________________ Expiration date? _______________

    SIGNATURE ___________________________________

    A block of rooms has been reserved at the ajoining Kahler Plaza Hotel. Reservati
    may be obtained by calling the hotel at 507-280-6000.

    Please note:
    Abstracts should be sent to:

    Tom Cahalan
    Biomechanics Laboratory
    128 Guggengeim Building
    Mayo Clinic
    Rochester, MN 55905

    This registration form plus fee should be sent to:

    8th Annual East Coast Clinical Gait Conference
    Section of Continuing Education
    Mayo Clinic/Mayo Foundation
    Rochester, MN 55905

    If you wish to participate as a vendor, please contact Tom Cahalan at the
    above address or by phone (507-284-8941) or by e-mail (