To all those who have downloaded the ANZ/TELIO/SHOW3D human
locomotion analysis software:

The graphics routines used in TELIO to produce graphs and in
SHOW3D to produce 3D block figures are based upon the DI3000 library
from Precision Visuals. This is a commercial library that is quite
capable and inexpensive IF you are a university with a site license.
Otherwise it can be expensive to purchase. I have received a number of
inquiries about alternatives to this graphics library, particularly
public domain (FREE!) graphics libraries.

I believe that a solution is at hand. There is a public domain graphics
library that attempts to replicate a subset of the Silicon Graphics GL
graphics language. This library is called VOGLE. It is available in source
code with drivers for many different machines- SUN, DEC, IBM PC, MAC, X, etc.
as well as for hardcopy devices such as Postscript and HPGL.

To use this library with TELIO and SHOW3D you will have convert the
graphics calls in the source code from DI3000 calls to VOGLE calls. Also,
there will have to be some changes in the handling of the graphics
viewports. Once this is done, you must obtain the VOGLE code and build its
library and then link to it. This way you can use the same source code of
SHOW3D and TELIO on different machines- just compile on the machine of
choice with the proper device drivers for VOGLE.

I am planning on converting TELIO and SHOW3D to VOGLE in the future so that
the programs will be portable. However, it may be a while (3-6 months) and
I thought that there might be some enterprising individuals out there that
might want to have a go at it right now. I did an ARCHIE search and found
VOGLE at the following sites:

You can FTP VOGLE from one of these machines, preferably the one closest to
you to minimize demand on the INTERNET. These are all UNIX machines. Contact
your local site manager/UNIX Wizard for help on downloading the files.

I hope this will help out. I received several pleas for assistance in getting
TELIO and SHOW3D to work on other machines, but I cannot spend the time. Let me
know if you get TELIO and SHOW3D running on new platforms and I will summarize
and post to BIOMCH-L

Good Luck converting the code !

By the way, I know of a number of sites that have the source code for ANZ and
are looking it over. I also know of several sites (that have DI3000!) which are
using all three programs on a regular basis to do locomotion analysis. I would
like to keep track of who is doing what with the programs and their offspring.
If those who are using the programs or have derived programs from them could
please send me a brief message describing your applications, I would appreciate
it greatly. Thanks.

Dwight Meglan
Mayo Clinic
Orthopedic Biomechanics Lab
128 Guggenheim
Rochester, MN 55905

P.S. Please see posting from about a month ago for a description of the
ANZ/TELIO/SHOW3D software and how to obtain it