Hello everybody;

Does anyone know if there has been research done about the
coordination/relationship of the upper body and the lower body while

Putting it simple, I am trying to find some data that tells me things like:
1- If the shoulder rotates X degrees at dX angular velocity AND the person
is STANDING then the hip should rotate this much
2- what happens if the person is SITTING?
3- what happens if the person is WALKING?

I am not a biomechanics person, I am doing research in computer graphics
and I am trying to find a way to blend a throwing motion into another
motion depending on the persons pose (sitting, standing, or walking). That
is why I am trying to find out if there is a KNOWN (and proven) relation
between the upper and lower body movement while throwing.

I'd appreciate any help I can get.
Nadia Al-Ghreimil
GWU - Graduate Student

PS: It does not necessarily have to be throwing. It could be reaching, or
picking something up, or any other motion involving the upper body.

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