Greetings to all:

I recently attended the SIGGRAPH 2000 computer animation conference in New
Orleans. I visited the Vicon Motion Systems booth and then the Motion
Analysis Corporation booth. Both very impressive and different claims to
real-time and their software.

The Motion Analysis Company representative demonstrated a computer program
in Real-time 3D capture with rendering called Musculographics and informed
me that it was their software. I asked the Vicon Motion Systems if they had
software like the Motion Analysis Corporation Musculographics and they
stated that they offer both the Musculographics software and also Polygon
but not in real-time.

But then I was told by Motion Analysis that they own the Musculographics

I need to learn more about this program but do not know who to speak to. I
could ask the companies again about the Musculographics software which has
an Evanston, IL address, Vicon has an Oxford, England address and Motion
Analysis is in Santa Rosa, Ca. but then again you see my difficulty in
sorting out the answer.

Any light on this answer?

Antonio Milazo
3D Animatrix Company
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