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They also have a demo version on the web.

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> Greetings to all:
> I recently attended the SIGGRAPH 2000 computer animation
> conference in New
> Orleans. I visited the Vicon Motion Systems booth and then the Motion
> Analysis Corporation booth. Both very impressive and
> different claims to
> real-time and their software.
> The Motion Analysis Company representative demonstrated a
> computer program
> in Real-time 3D capture with rendering called Musculographics
> and informed
> me that it was their software. I asked the Vicon Motion
> Systems if they had
> software like the Motion Analysis Corporation Musculographics and they
> stated that they offer both the Musculographics software and
> also Polygon
> but not in real-time.
> But then I was told by Motion Analysis that they own the
> Musculographics
> Company.
> I need to learn more about this program but do not know who
> to speak to. I
> could ask the companies again about the Musculographics
> software which has
> an Evanston, IL address, Vicon has an Oxford, England
> address and Motion
> Analysis is in Santa Rosa, Ca. but then again you see my
> difficulty in
> sorting out the answer.
> Any light on this answer?
> Antonio Milazo
> 3D Animatrix Company

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